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Opportunities abound on the White & Buffalo Nat'l Rivers. Most Ozark rivers are are a series of deep holes that pool up at the head of a shoal (shallow rocky fast rapids) then tail out into gravel bars. This patern of structure is repeated all the way down the river. All water levels offer excellent opportunities for various activities & accessability. Sometimes a point in the right direction from your outfitter is the key to successful fishing & lasting memories. At Riley's, we take the time to inform you of the present water conditions & what you should expect to encounter throughout the day and the remainder of your trip. See Dock Services and choose the service that best fits the needs of your party.

White & Buffalo River access and opportunities

Recommended Floating levels for the White River

No Generation Floating-Limited float trips. Local canoe & kayak adventures. Great paddling.
Boating-Limited. Difficult jon boat navigation. Easy anchoring.
Wading-Easy walk-in access. Compfortable wading in all areas.
1-2 units Floating-Excellent canoe & kayak float trips.
Boating-Fair to moderate navigation. Easy anchoring.
Wading-Careful walk-in access. Easy but careful wading. Wadeable shoals.
3-4 units Floating- Excellent canoe & kayak float trips.
Boating-Excellent jon boat navigation. Careful anchoring.
Wading-No walk in access. Limited wading area. Access by jon boat only. Bank fish islands & Buffalo Shoals.
5-6 units Floating-Cautious & easy float trips.Novice to Moderate skills.
Boating-Excellent navigation & easy drifting. Wading- No walk in access.
7-8 units Floating-High, fast water. Can be dangerous. Moderate to Good skills required.
Boating-Safe but cautious jon boating. Wading- No walk in access.

Bank Fishing

Bank Fishing

Riley's is situated on the most productive fishing hole in the area 1000' of PRIVATE White River BANK FISHING. Walk from your cabin down the bank to many select fishing locations. Acres of wade fishing around the islands, riffles & runs of Buffalo City, White River. Island fishing has wade-in accessability in light generation. During moderate generation times, shuttles may be necessary. Bank fishing can be productive and relaxing, but we strongly encourage to get out on the rivers for the best fishing opportunities

Recommended Floating Levels for the Buffalo National River

River Levels Very Low Low but Floatable Ample Water for Floating Experienced
Flood Stage
Ponca / Steel Creek Launch Below 2.0’ 2.0’ - 2.4’ 2.5’ - 4.9’ 5.0’ - 5.9’ 6’+
Highway 7 Bridge / Pruitt Below 1.7’ 1.7’ - 2.0’ 2.0’ - 4.0’ 4.0’ - 5.0’ 5.0’+
Highway 65 Bridge / Tyler Bend Below 3.6’ 3.6’ -4.5’ 4.6’ - 8.5’ 8.6’ - 12.4’ 12.5’+
Highway 14 Bridge / Buffalo Point Below 2.0’ 2.0’ - 3.4’ 3.5’ -5.9’ 6.0’ - 9.9’ 10’+

River level readings indicate the condition of the river for recreation. These readings are taken at four locations along the river. Each reading is unique and pertains only to that area. When Internet service is unavailable, call park headquarters at 870-741-5443 for level information (24 hours per day).


Very Low:

The river is dry in places.

Low but Floatable:

The river moves slowly and many rocks are exposed.

Ample Water for Floating:

The river moves at an average of 2 mph, allowing canoes to float over most rocks.

Experienced Floaters Only:
The river flows swiftly. Compromising situations may occur. Canoeing experience on swift moving rivers is necessary. All canoeists must possess good river canoeing skills and must be familiar with rescue procedures.

Flood Stage - River Closed:
The river flows outside its normal banks. Flood waters move quickly and carry debris. River conditions are hazardous even for highly skilled canoeists.

Swimming And Snorkling

Swimming & Snorkling

The ol' fashion swimmin' hole! Shuttle your crew to the warm water of the Buffalo Nat'l River and enjoy a relaxing swim & underwater discovery. Bring a picnic lunch, cooler and spend the day basking in the beauty of Americas First National River. Bring your goggles, flippers, river towel, river sandals, sunscreen, hat, chair, fishin pole, camera and a SMILE. Swim shuttles available.

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